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Laser Pointers

CALPAC LASERS offers a diverse selection of handheld laser pointers for industrial alignment, presentations, inspections and promotions. Add clarity to alignment application, direction to instruction, enrich presentations or easily highlight hard to reach locations. Pointers are battery powered, and offer pressure buttons for intermittent use or on/off buttons for extended/hands free operation. Both dot and line generating pointers as well as red and green wavelengths are available.

Engraved laser pointers, pen style pointers and keychain style pointers make excellent promotional gifts or corporate incentives. Give your valued clients, executives and guests a gift they will appreciate, and that will bring your company to mind every time they use it.

Calpac Laser Pointers are quality made in the same production facility we’ve been utilizing for almost 20 years. It’s quality you can feel in your hand and see in the application, with durable casings, circuit boards and lenses. It’s quality we stand behind