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Laser Diode Module

A Laser Module or Laser Diode Module offers a higher level of performance, greater stability, and are more durable than hand held laser pointers. Laser Diode Modules are ideal for commercial, industrial, medical, and OEM applications where longer duty cycles, frequent intermittent use, and application specific tolerances are required.

Simply adding an external power supply, battery pack or 3VDC adapter, to a laser module creates the perfect alignment laser for industrial positioning, batch processing, scanning, machine vision, imaging, and other applications. Our high quality, affordable laser diode modules can save valuable time and increase accuracy and efficiency of production activities as well as improve quality. Laser Diode Modules are optimal for cost-effective prototyping. Each Laser Module is a complete laser assembly including all circuits, a laser diode, and optics packaged in a protective housing.Laser Diode Modules are available in Green (532nm) and Red (635nm/650nm) wavelengths