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Laser Diode Module Information

Laser diode modules from CALPAC LASERS are ideal for commercial, industrial, medical, and OEM applications requiring longer duty cycles, frequent intermittent use, and application specific tolerances. Laser diode modules offer a higher level of performance, greater stability, and are more durable than hand held laser pointers. Simply adding an external power supply creates the perfect alignment laser for industrial positioning, batch processing, scanning, machine vision, imaging, and other applications. Our affordable laser diode modules make excellent replacements for expensive He-Ne lasers, and are optimal for cost-effective prototyping.

Each module is a complete laser assembly including all circuits, a laser diode, and optics packaged in a protective housing. Red alignment lasers projecting highly visible lines or dots are available in wavelengths of 635nm, 650nm, and 660nm. Our green laser diode modules project an extremely bright dot at a wavelength of 532nm.

Contact Technical Support for questions about laser diode modules.

Laser Diode Module Applications

Laser diode modules are the most efficient and cost effective solutions for many positioning, alignment, measurement, automation, scientific, security, and OEM applications. Industries from manufacturing and textiles to university laboratories can all benefit from increased productivity, limited waste, and cost savings by using our affordable laser modules. Contact Technical Support for questions about your laser application.

Following is a list of common laser diode module applications:

Positioning and Alignment:

  • Targeting & Pointing
  • Parts Alignment
  • Sawing Cutting, Drilling
  • Machine Positioning
  • Laser Marking System
  • Alignment
  • Textile Alignment
  • Woodturning
  • Telescope Collimation
  • Alignment Pilot Beam


  • Fault Detection
  • Edge Detection
  • Distance & Clearance Measurement
  • Tooling Calibration
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Optical Surface Inspection
  • Camber Alignment


  • Machine Vision
  • Robotic Control
  • Imaging
  • Dimensional Scanning
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Light Barriers
  • Good/Bad Parts Selection
  • Parts Positioning
  • Air Quality Control
  • Breakage Control


  • Absorption Measurement
  • Interferometry
  • Material Property Analysis
  • Speed Measurement
  • He-Ne Replacement
  • IR/High Power Laser Alignment


  • Prototyping Sub-Assemblies Components


  • Perimeters